Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the warmer weather! The boys have been spending so much time outside, and it has been cute to watch Eli try to keep up with them. He loves being outside too. He seems to have an extra "bounce" in his step when he is playing outside. If he could talk, I am sure he would say, "This is the life!"

It's also baseball season...yeah! I truly love this sport because it brings back so many wonderful memories. I played softball, a sport I actually liked better than gymnastics and cheerleading. But I spent a lot of hours at the park because my dad always coached my younger brother. By the way, he was an excellent coach! I loved the smells and sounds of the baseball park. Concession stand food was always delicious... hot dogs, nachos, cokes out the wazoo... (is that how you spell it?) Hey, maybe that is where my obsession with the cup of sweet goodness started! Anyway...

I am ready for the ballgames to begin! I have to admit that I am one of those moms that sometimes gets a little too loud during the game. I just can't help it.

"Play ball!"

This is Jonathan after baseball practice. Doesn't he look so big? That smile melts my heart.

This is Eli wishing he could be big and play baseball like he brothers.
I had some more pictures of Luke and Adam, but I'm still trying to figure out how to add pictures without messing up what I have written.
Maybe later,

Friday, March 20, 2009


I've decided to be a blogger. Mainly because I have been so inspired by the ones I have been reading non-stop for several days now. I love all things "home" and "family". I am married to an amazing man, Cy, and together we have four (yes, I said four!) amazing boys. I'm sure I will have many stories to post about their boyish antics. They keep me on my toes, for sure!

I hope to post some of the projects that Cy and I have been working on around the house. We are always up to something! We have lived in many "fixer-uppers", and we love to put in a lot of "sweat equity." I'm working on re-doing some chairs I found at Goodwill, and I can't wait to share the transformation with you.

There will be other posts about this or that, and the journeys the Lord is taking me on, and whatever else lies...BENEATH MY HEART.
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