Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Hutch Re-do

I have been looking for a black hutch or cabinet to hold my white dishes in for some time.

I was so excited when I got this hutch at a yard sale for $70.00.

cabinets 006

I loved the dental molding and glass doors. And even though it was a little “dressier” than I was looking for, I KNEW it would look great painted black.

So I took all the doors off (except the middles ones…they do not open).

cabinets 007

See the red bowls on top of each piece? I made sure to put the right hinges in the correct bowl to make sure they ended up where they started!

cabinets 008

Then I used a liquid sander all over each piece before I painted.

cabinets 009

Then I painted each piece black. cabinets 016

Notice it’s getting dark outside. I worked all evening on this and into the night! I was just so excited to get a new piece of furniture!

I had a hard time getting a good picture of it finished, because the lights from my windows and chandelier kept showing up in the glass windows of the hutch.

But I am very pleased with how it turned out.

hutch 001

All the dishes in the cabinet are from Goodwill except the Target birds, Southern Living cake stand, and green pitcher from Marshalls.

It also has a light that we can turn on that looks especially nice at night.

hutch 009

I haven’t decided what type of handles to put on the hutch yet, I am still waiting for some inspiration!

I hope you enjoyed this Hutch Re-do!

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Just click on the picture below.




  1. What a wonderful transformation! You really updated this piece. It looks so pretty with all your white dishes!

  2. This is a fabulous hutch re-do and I love how it shows off your beautiful white dishes1 Lots of work but it turned out wonderfully. I bet you will really enjoy this~ Cindy

  3. It's amazing what painting a piece black will do for it! It is wonderful! Great job!

  4. This turned out beautiful! The black looks awesome with the green wall and white dishes. Don't you just love that liquid sandpaper?! I really hate sanding. I've painted about 15 pieces of furniture in the past 2 years so finding that product was a well as a great time saver.

  5. Great Job Traci. Shows off the white dishes so nicely~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  6. What a bargain you got on this great hutch and what a beautiful job you did! It looks awesome! I love how you've decked it all out too!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  7. It looks wonderful! What a lucky find and what a perfect transformation!

  8. If the people who sold it for $70 could see it now, they might have second thoughts about selling it - absolutely gorgeous! Linda

  9. It turned out Fabulously!! I am going to have to give this liquid sandpaper a try!!! Maybe glass knobs would look good? You did a great job and it shows off your china perfectly!

  10. Fabulous! I love that piece black and white dishes really stand out against the dark of the cabinet! Good Job!


  11. LOVE it. How gorgeous. I so wish I had room for a hutch. YOurs is just fabulous painted black. I shop the GW too and always find such wonderful white dishes, your collection is just beautiful. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  12. OMG -that looks sensational - well done :)

  13. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! WOW!!! I would LOVE to paint ours black (a Craigslist find for $75) but I don't think I could get my husband on board for it -- he likes the woodtone. It's filled right now with an assortment of Goodwill white dishes and Target birdies, too. :)

    That is FABULOUS!!!

  14. Beautiful job Traci! Love the dishes too, the perfect touch!

  15. Wow! It looks beautiful! I wouldn't have thought of using black paint, but I love it. Something to put away in the mental file for future projects.

  16. Hi Traci! Love your hutch re-do...I know how much hard work you put into this...I remember when I redid my hutch. :-) And of course, you know I'm loving your Gibson dishes! This turned how beautifully! It makes me smile when I see all these Target birds across Blogland...can you just imagine how many they sold! :-)
    Great Met Monday post! I know this has inspired a lot of folks to start looking for hutches to paint! Susan

  17. Love the cabinet black

  18. this is so cute, and I have this exact cabinet set! you are inspiring me :)

  19. That looks fabulous!!!
    Can you tell me what finish of paint you used? Matte? Semigloss? What brand? How many coats did it take? I want to repaint my entertainment center black. The first attempt doesn't look too hot! Your can email me at audrey.turley(at)
    Thank you!

  20. What kind of black paint did you use?
    This is so awesome and beautiful. Love to read your blog.

  21. Hi, Tracie! I love your hutch re-do! It turned out FABULOUS! I am currently working on a curio cabin with double glass doors that I am painting black. I know a lot of bloggers out there use spray paint for their repurposing projects. Is this tye type of paint you used? If not, what was it? Also, I assume you primted first?

    When you get a moment, please email me at to let me know.

    You can also visit my blog "Our Cottage (in the Desert)" at


  22. Wonderful transformation. It looks so great in black.

  23. I absolutely love what you have done to this hutch. I am just now getting into the redoing blogs and learning how to see the possibility in so many things. And taking a try at re purposing old furniture. Thanks for sharing this awesome find and re-do.

  24. Hi! This piece turned out great! I just found your blog today and am also thinking about painting and distressing my hutch black. What type of paint did you use? Did you spray paint it? Thanks!

  25. Great job on the redo! I would so appreciate knowing the type of paint you used on your project. I have a similar cabinet that I bought new 20 years ago for much, much more than the bargain you got!I now want to paint it black. I have been doing so much research and I'm so very nervous. Any tips would be appreciated!.


  26. Hi there! This is such a beautiful project!!! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of paint did you use for your hutch? Did you spray paint it? I'd really like to do an old tv entertainment we have. If you could email me, my address is:

    Thank you so much,

  27. Hi! I stopped by from the tour -happened on your beautiful hutch re-do! I have the same questions about the black paint (type/brand/etc.)... I am re-doing a coffee table. THANK YOU about the tip for liquid sand paper!!!!!! .. Love the words on your wall too!! Beautiful home -who wouldn't want to visit?


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