Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pillow Talk

I’ve seen this idea all over blogland, and it looked so easy that I just had to try it!

Here’s the idea….take a placemat and make it into a pillow.

It is as easy as it sounds!

I found these Christmas placemats at the Dollar General Store for $2.00 a piece.


Placemats are just two pieces of material sewn together. So I carefully cut the seam on one side….


…separated the two sides, and then stuffed it with batting I got from Walmart. It was less than 3 dollars for the bag of batting, and I used about half of it.



Then I used a needle and thread to sew up the hole.


And there you have it! Isn’t “she” cute?


It really is that simple. That’s why I had to try it!


And the possibilities are limitless! Have you seen all of the adorable Christmas placemats out there? You could get one with a snowman or Santa on it. Or get one with a beautiful design on it. I chose this simple pattern because it matched the rest of the decor in my den.

(And if you don’t have time to do this project before Christmas, you could take advantage of the After-Christmas sales to pick up some placemats. I know I will. And I think these would make adorable teacher gifts, don’t you?)

And you could monogram them too! This little project would be great to do year round. I may make a monogrammed pillow after Christmas, who knows?!

That’s it!

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I hope you have a blessed weekend!


  1. WOW these are just adorable!
    I have a dollar general and I love it!
    I think I could do this!!!
    Thanks Traci!

  2. I've seen this done before too but I am loving yours! It looks fabulous on your slipcovered chair. So cute.

  3. Great idea! I'll have to make another trip to the dollar store now. I bet this will come in handy for all the holidays!

  4. Wow, now that is super cool! Never noticed them placemats having a double fabric. Wonderful idea!

  5. what a cute idea!!! I love it!!

  6. What an awesome Idea, I really need to try that!

  7. I haven't seen this yet so thanks for sharing!

  8. I am so going to try that! Thanks Traci!

  9. Yes! Something I have time for. I've been wanting to make a few throw pillows.

  10. That is the perfect Christmas pillow and no one would know it was a placemat!!

  11. I've seen these and have looked around for cheap placemats, but haven't found any... guess I need to go to the dollar general! I NEVER go there! I love, love, love how yours turned out! they are perfectly cute! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Traci, What a great idea. This is the first time I have seen this! I am so glad you shared! I see a trip to the dollar store!!

  13. I think you win the award for the thriftiest pillows! They look darling with your Christmas berries.

  14. This is awesome - and I need new pillows since I just switched out the curtains in my LR! Off to Walmart tomorrow - or maybe tonight. :o)

  15. luv this!!!
    Very cute idea,
    d from haven

  16. This is AWESOME!! I have totally got to try that sometime!

  17. That's a great idea! We all know how expensive pillows can be! I don't sew, but I think even I could do this!

  18. I love it! Never thought to do it for Christmas...duh! I'm going to have to try this for sure. :)

  19. Hello! I added you to my google reader as soon as you were featured on Today's Creative Blog because I just knew you were going to have some amazing posts and I wasn't wrong! I never would have thought to try this before but you made it sound so easy! I'll have to go out and try it immediately! Thanks!


  20. Great idea! Thanks for sharing this!!

  21. You Smart Girl!!! I will definitely will look for those after Christmas sales! Thank you!!

  22. Love it! Of course, I love the red too. :-)

  23. Your pillows are really cute. I'm going to have to be on the lookout for some cute placemats to use for a project just like yours.

  24. Goodness... I've seen these before but yours just looks like pure treasure to be had! (your staging is amazing, but then so is your 'stuff! Can I have that chair when you tire of it?!?)

    So pretty, Traci! Thanks so much for sharing your pillow secret by linking up!

    p.s. I love your blog MORE. :D

    FJ Donna

  25. I can't believe that I've never thought of this one before! What a great idea! I'm gonna try this one soon!

    Lee Laurie

  26. Wow-that is too easy! I could totally do that! And it's cheap too! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Traci,
    What a fun and simple project! Love it!
    Dee Dee

  28. Traci,
    you are one clever chick. As I was readig I thought you were going to say sew the placemats together, but you didn't. I so love your idea. It's very clever and truly is easier than sewing two placemats together which is what I would of done.

  29. What a fabulous and creative idea Traci! I love how yours turned out. Too cute! :)

  30. Very cute idea! I actually hadn't see this version of it, so thanks for showing me. I love seeing my nam eon your side bar and I realized I didn't have you on mine. Gasp! I'm going to go and fix that. :)

  31. Love it! I've seen these everywhere, but your tut is the best. Looks SUPER easy! I'll be looking at placemats tomorrow :) TFS!

  32. Hi Traci! Oh, what a great idea and your little plalcemat pillow is darling! I have never thought of doing this before! I love it!
    Oh, I hope you can pop in to see me - I'm showing the precious little gingerbread family I won from you this summer! I just love it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  33. This is a great idea. I will have to try it. I don't know if my Walmart carries batting anymore...but there is always JoAnns!
    Monogrammed ones would be fantastic...well, see there goes my head...valentines, easter...I gotta quit!

  34. Traci-I don't know how I have missed this idea, but I have. I think even I can do this and you are right...endless possiblilties for everyday and holidays.

  35. too cute. do you ever sleep? miss ya'!

  36. That is just so clever! Thanks for sharing, I'm definately going to try this.


  37. No way!! That is WONDERFUL!!!! I am DEFINITELY going to be making pillows your way! LOVE IT!!!

    Mrs. U

  38. Too cute - great idea for placemats - I always see a cute one here and there !

  39. Guess who's going to the dollar store tomorrow now?! ME! Thanks for sharing!

  40. I love it, it is amazing in your chair. GOD BLESS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS

  41. This is the first I've seen this! (Where have I been!) I'm going out right after Christmas and scarf up some place mats!!!!! I love your red plaid!


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