Friday, May 7, 2010

Gifts Galore!

Wow!  Gift season has descended upon me with a fury this year!

I have so many gifts to buy right now that I don’t hardly know where to start.

2 Graduation gifts, 1 Wedding Gift, 8 teacher gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s Day gifts, and oh yeah…gifts for my sweet Eli who will turn 3 in a few short days!  Whew!

Are you feeling the fury too?

Well, I want to highlight some great gift ideas from a few of my fabulous sponsors.

First is Just Simply Southern.


The owner, Kristi, makes and sells these adorable frames.

And this girl has got it going on!  Her frames have been selling great in her online shop, they are selling in boutiques everywhere, and now her frames will be featured in a magazine soon! 

Way to go, Kristi!

I like Kristi because she is a Mom of boys like me, and her life consists of lots of baseball games, like me.  :0)

She hosted a giveaway a few months ago on my blog and the winner of the frame, Jennifer,  had this to say about her prize:

(Copied from Jennifer’s blog, All Things Pink and Crafty)

Do you see what I see?

It's my gorgeous new changeable frame from Kristi @ justsimplysouthern! I won this from a giveaway that Traci @ beneath my heart was having. Oh my.... how I stinkin' love this frame!

Let me tell you... this frame is a-maz-ing! I grabbed one of my favorites I had laying around and within seconds, well... let's just say I was in tears. It's so perfectly simple to switch pictures just like that!
Kristi was soooo sweet to me. She allowed me to custom pick everything. I told her what I liked, the colors that I use in my home, a TA-DA!

Please take note of the detail... oh my... can you tell I'm in love?

This is how the frame is packaged. Now tell me... with a cutie picture like this, how can you go wrong? How can you NOT fall for this frame? Adorable!

Kristi, you are wonderful. It is absolutely perfect! Thank you for making my day! (month... spring.... shoot, this should last me through till fall!)

The best thing about Kristi’s frame is the easy with which you can change the pictures!  And they come in every color you could ever imagine!


They are simply beautiful!


Click HERE to visit Kristi’s new shop.

Click HERE to visit her blog.


Another great place to shop for gifts is Queen Bee Designs!

queen bee

Amanda, (another mother of boys!), makes beautiful stamped jewelry designs.

I love browsing through her blog  shop and checking out her great items.

This personalized disc with little pearls is just too precious…


This is another version of her “Keep It Simple” design…that little bird just makes me smile.  :)


And for you non-circle, square-lovin’ girls, check out his beauty…


It’s never too early to start thinking about Father’s Day, right?

Amanda can create custom-made, personalized dog tags and key chains for the man in your life.   


And if you can’t make up your mind, how about a gift certificate to her store?

I love gift certificates!  (hint. hint.)

Click HERE to visit her store and take a look around.  You’ll be glad you did!  :)

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit Red Letter Words for inspiring and beautiful gift ideas.


Dee is the fabulous creator of these gorgeous prints.

Remember this print that was given to my cousin Whitney at her baby shower?


I wish you could have seen it in person!  It is just beautiful and I can’t wait to see it on the wall in the baby’s room.  :)

And this next one would be perfect for my niece, Courtney, who is getting married in 5 short weeks.  I am a bridesmaid in her wedding and I am so honored!


What a beautiful truth below…


How cute are the little blue birds on this one?  This is one of Dee’s newest creations…


And if you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer and seaside vacations like me, you might like this one…


And the Print of the Month for May (on sale)  is this beauty…


Click HERE to visit Red Letter Words and see all of Dee’s wonderful creations.

Have a wonderful weekend and Mother’s Day!



  1. I am so sorry, but I have accidentally rejected 8 very sweet comments about this post. Several said they were headed to these sites to check things out and make purchases. One comment told about how much they loved their print from Red Letter Words.
    Another told how they have been looking for Kristi's frames online and how much they love Queen Bee.
    Just wanted to make this known! :)

  2. Hi, Traci.

    You have some beautiful sponsors! I love love love that little birdie necklace.

    Happy Friday!


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