Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When it rains, it pours..

Well, just had to share this beautiful picture of my kitchen with you…


We had a pipe bust in our wall behind the sink and it flooded my kitchen.  Those green things are huge dryers trying to dry up the water.

We just installed our new hardwood floors this past year!

The only blessing out of this…I’m getting a new dish washer!  I think the old one came with the house when it was built in 1968.  Not kiddin’!

Oh well, as Mom would say…"It’s only stuff.  Those things can be replaced, your loved ones can’t.”

So true, Mama.



  1. I admire your attitude, as always! Not sure I would be able to be as positive in the same situation. So sorry this had to happen, but happy that you're at least getting a dishwasher out of it. Best of luck with the project...
    pk @ Room Remix

  2. Sorry for the headache, but I'm glad your mamma taught you to look on the bright side!!


  3. Wow, that is a mess. I am so sorry. It seems like it really is a case of raining and pouring. Deep breaths, thanks to the Lord and somewhere a blessing will come out of all this. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

  4. A perfect way to look at it, Traci and I am glad that you are still listening to Mama...

    Will the hardwood floors survive?? I hope your insurance pays for it. We had a similar situation and we had leftover money after repairs to do a bit of remodeling!!! :-)

    Good luck to you, my friend!!


  5. your momma's saying is so right. It truly is just stuff...and hey, you get a new washer out of it. So, in a way it was a blessing that the pipe broke.
    Hope the hardwood floors survive the flooding and you get your kitchen back to normal soon.

  6. Oh no! That is frustrating! But there are always hidden blessings just waiting for the disaster to happen so they can make themselves known!

  7. Many moons ago on Christmas Eve, my hubby's birthday, we fortunately were home at the time, we heard a pipe break in ususally warm Texas. This year was unusually icy cold. We still had major clean-up and repair, BUT we were home to catch this. As we walked the neighborhood at that time, so many were away for Christmas and water was running from out from under their garage doors. Major aweful...ceilings had collapsed. Wish you well with this and God Bless you,

  8. One more reason to love your mama Traci - such great words of wisdom. And she was so right! This too shall pass.

  9. Oh man, that stinks!!!! What a mess. Will the floors be okay? So glad you are getting a new dishwasher out of it!

  10. I'm sorry you had this problem, but so glad you look for the silver lining!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. My prayers are with you.
    Dee Dee

  12. That stinks! I'm sorry to hear it is pouring. when my father died of cancer, it poured too!!! Your "journey" is reminding me of my own!

  13. Oh, bless your heart. What a mess you've had on your hands. I am not a fan of pipes; I have to remember how blessed I am to have them in my house!

    Good for you for looking at the silver lining in the clouds! I'm glad that you'll get a new dishwasher.

    Thank you for sharing your mom's wisdom with us!

  14. Bless your heart! You have a great attitude, your mama taught you well!
    **Hugs and prayers!**

  15. Awww, hope the clean up goes well. A new dishwasher----a great way to look at it. It is always fun to get a new appliance. : )

  16. Looks like you wont be cooking either. I am so sorry. I am crying for you. It really does stink! But it will be fixed :)


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