Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our Master Bath

Last year, my husband and I renovated our master bath.

Unfortunately that was before I started blogging, so I didn’t take any “before” pictures.

But to me, it was the ugliest room in the house. Our house was built in 1968, and the bathroom had never been renovated.

It was the typical square-shaped bathroom with the tub/shower on the left, and the vanity and toilet on the right.

The vanity had a very ugly tan and white marbled sinktop.

The toilet and tub were a “flesh” color that I thought at times looked pink.

Okay, I did have this picture, and I just had to share it. (Someday my boys will probably kill me for this.) The tub looks more brown in this picture.

The shower walls were covered with white tiles.


I used this picture for our family Christmas cards several years ago. However, I could not get my littlest, Adam, to put the bubbles on his chin.

So we busted out a wall, and used what little space we had to make our bathroom a little bit bigger.


We bought two marble top vanities at Lowe’s. Everything you see was included, including the bowl sinks and the oil-rubbed bronze faucets.

It was actually cheaper for us to buy these two vanities than to have a custom vanity built to go all the way across the wall, and then have a sinktop made to go with it.

You can see our walk-in shower in the mirror above.


My very talented husband did this all by himself! We found the 12 x 12 square tile and trim pieces at Home Depot. It was on clearance, so we got a great deal! You can see a snippet of the smaller travertine tiles on the floor that we bought from a local tile shop.


The oil-rubbed bronze shower head and knob are from Lowes. (We had hoped to add a glass shower door, but the budget hasn’t allowed for that yet.)

To the right of the shower was a narrow space that we were going to add some built-in shelves….until I found the perfect piece of furniture to put there. Do you see it in the picture below?


I got this tall black cabinet at Hobby Lobby, on sale, of course!IMG_2963

IMG_2962 I got the little rabbit at Goodwill for $1.50, the towels at Walmart, and the fleur de lis plate and candle at Hobby Lobby.


In our old bathroom, the toilet was about a foot from the vanity, providing no privacy. So I asked my hubby to add a privacy wall, and I absolutely love it!


My husband also tiled the floor with the same tile that is in the shower. I love the look of the darker grout we chose.


The double light fixture, towel rack, and toilet paper holder all came from Meijers! I couldn’t believe it when I found them there. They were exactly what I was looking for.


For a punch of color on each vanity, I took an old arrangement that my mom had in her basement and wasn’t using anymore, and separated it into two “bunches”.

Then I got two clear vases and filled them with some clear “stones”, all of which I got at Walmart. Then I just added Mom’s flowers to each vase.

I always love a touch of red in a room. It’s my favorite color.


Do you see me in the shower? :) You can see a glimpse of our bedroom fireplace in the mirror on the right. I’ll share our fireplace re-do this week too.

Well, there you have it! My small, yet bigger than it was, bathroom.

Completely renovated by my amazing husband!



  1. How luxe! I love it! So wish I can do the same one day! Your husband is talented. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is one gorgeous reno! The tile, the sinks and cabinets all perfect! We did ours years ago, when tiling the whole place and laminate cabinets were the thing. It still looks good and I love the tile, but you can't hang anything to warm it up. It is still better than the awful room it was when we moved in!Everything takes time! I love the black cabinet, too-no HL here.

  3. It's absolutely beautiful. I love the vanities :-)

  4. That pic. of the kiddos is adorable. The bathroom is very nice!

  5. Traci ~ What a marvelous makeover! It all looks stunning and quite sophisticated - even while you managed to save money in several ways. Your husband did an impressive job on the tile, etc.

    And the three boys look so very cute in the bath picture. I know you treasure this photo.

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  6. Love the double vanity! You did a great remodel! Our first house had pink tile and I PROMISE pink panther wall paper. The MASTER bath (and I use that term loosely) had orange and green foil wall paper--not only on the walls, but on the cabinets also....took hours of steam and a good sense of humor to get it off :)

  7. Traci,
    This redo is BEAUTIFUL! You are blessed to have such a talented hubby! I have one question for ya: Those bowl sinks are such a trend these days, but I've often wondered how easy they are to keep clean. Do you get a lot of gunk built up underneath, along where the base of the bowl hits the top of the marble? Your bowls seem not as steep as others that might pose more problems, but I was just wondering about the ease of cleaning around them.
    Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love your blog!

  8. Oh Traci, it is gorgeous! We could so be great friends...I adore red in rooms too as it is my favorite color...and the fleur de lis is how I decorated my classroom...and I use to decorate with bunnies...and I love Hobby Lobby. You did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing it with all of us and thank you for your sweet comment today and for your prayers. May the Lord bless your socks off today!

  9. Kudos to you and your husband! A beautiful job! How long did it take you?

  10. What a beautiful makeover. I think I would tempted to spend the whole day in there. :)

  11. Great bathroom! Lots of work in that room! Love how you did the tile in the shower!

  12. What a stunning make-over! I just love your blog. It is so creative and inspiring. Thanks for all your wonderful posts.

  13. Beautiful! It looks so professional. The colors, especially the tile in the shower are great. Your boys are adorable! Thanks for sharing! Love the red accents.

  14. Just a beautiful space and it's hard to believe you thought it was the worst room in the house at one time!
    Thinking of you and saying prayers...
    All Things Heart and Home

  15. First of all... your Christmas card tub picture is adorable!

    Your bathroom is SO beautiful! Your husband did an amazing job... and your touches too!! Makes me want to tackle ours.

  16. Very, very nice! This post could not have come at a better time for me. We're in the midst of planning a reno (on a strict, tight budget) for our master bath. Like you, it's probably my most hated room in my entire house. I'll be filing your pics in my inspiration folder for sure.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. This bathroom is gorgeous! Love your decorating.

  18. Hi Traci!

    This space is just beautiful. I'd seen the photo on your sidebar and admired it. What a wonderful job y'all did of making the very most of the space you had! This bathroom is proof that a bathroom doesn't have to be the size of a gymnasium in order to be beautiful! (Back when we lived in Birmingham, we lived in a neighborhood of all new houses. When we were house shopping, I told my husband that one of my criteria was that I didn't want a house that had a master bathroom bigger than the living room!) :)

    Hope you got your power cord and that you're back in business!


  19. Wow!! I could live in your bathroom. I absolutely love it! Great job!

  20. Just love it! So much that it's got its own little feature on my blog. :)

  21. I love your bathroom and totally wish I could see a before pic (even though I am sure you would rather not be reminded!) I really like the idea of having the two separate his and hers vanities because it is different, but classic looking. Also, cost savings definitely help.

  22. Amazing! Love the little black shelf and mr.bunny too :) Very talented folks in your house ! Love your new blog design too... Very cute.

  23. First I have to say that I love the picture of the three boys and it would have made my day to have received that card!!

    The shower is gorgeous. I am very impressed with the sinks. The shower tile work is lovely.

  24. So pretty. The red really draws the eye in and the whole ambiance is perfection! (WEll...even if you used celedon you're eye would have been drawn in because the bathroom is so awesome!) Thanks for sharing!

  25. It looks great! Our house was built in 1965 and we have a blue tub (the master had the brownish pink, it's already gone) with the same wall tiles and soap dish. Thanks for the inspiration!

  26. That is a FABULOUS bathroom re-do!! We have one coming up but I don't know where to start. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. What a lucky woman you are to have such a talented husband! My hubs is great at tiling too and actually enjoys doing which is nice.

    LOVE your bathroom!

  28. awesome!

    You all did a beautiful job on your bathroom. May you a great Thanksgiving!

  29. Traci you bathroom is spectacular!

    I just adore your gorgeous sinks. You've inspired me with your shelving as well. I must try that idea soon.

    Many Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  30. Did I tell you I heart your new blog design?
    Sooooo pretty! :)

  31. Traci, I LOVE your bathroom redo - just gorgeous. It is so elegant and up to date. We redid ours a couple of years ago. You can check it out here if you want to.
    My hubby did all the carpentry work, crown mold, pocket door, French doors and even ripped out all the old white octagonal shaped tile. We had the tile work done and the tub replaced. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Linda @Nina's Nest (It might say "Mindy" because I'm at my daughter's house.)

  32. Beautiful! I am drooling over your sink bowls. I've had a serious crush on a very similar one for over a year now. Maybe someday I'll also be a proud owner, for now I'll just admire your's.

  33. Don't we love our husbands who can "do" great stuff that we ask them to!! Mine is extremely handy too and always so sweet!

    This bathroom is gorgeous!! And I LOVE the pops of red!! Can't wait to see the fireplace!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  34. I love it! Y'all did a beautiful job both designing & decorating it. I love the finishes you chose.

  35. Beautiful makeover!!!!! I love it.

  36. It looks great and I like the fact that the two vanities cost less then if your had it all made to order. It is is all so elegant. I applaud you and your husband.

  37. Wow, looks fantastic! And all on a budget, I'm so impressed! I love the black shelf unit, looks like it was custom made for the space! Great Job.... Dee Dee

  38. I love your master bathroom! Your husband did a fantastic job with the tile and the accents are beautiful. What an elegant relaxing area. I hope mine looks that gorgeous when we're done (it's not even started. lol)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  39. Just beautiful!! Red is my favorite color too and I smiled when I saw the touches you added here. I think both of you are very talented!

  40. What a beautiful bathroom redo. It is amazing how you can totally transform a space. I have a never been updated (1952) bathroom too but it is TINY. mmmm

  41. WHat a great redo! We really need to redo our master bath but I am in the process of redoing my extra bath, so it will be a while before we start on it. Your remodel has definitely given me hope!

  42. It's beautiful! I love red, too and have it in every room in the house except 1 of the bathrooms.

    Julie =)


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