Monday, February 22, 2010

Candle Makeover

I spent the weekend on several projects, but unfortunately none of them turned out quite the way I had hoped.

So I will be tweaking them this week and hopefully sharing them with you soon.

In the meantime, I will share with you a fun little project I tried last week.

I got my inspiration from a magazine I was flipping through at a bookstore.

It was a picture of a grouping of candles covered in sheet music.

I went off to Hobby Lobby to buy some candles and scrapbook paper.

I was hoping to find some sheet music scrapbook paper, but they didn’t have any.

So I chose a paper that looked like script writing.


I also got some brown ribbon, but ended up not using it.

First, I covered the back of the paper with ModPodge.


Then I wrapped the paper around the candle and trimmed the excess. When it was mostly dry, I added another layer of Mod Podge on top of the paper.


Then to give it more of an “aged” look, I added a layer of Valspar Mocha Glaze with a paper towel.


I had three candles. One tall one, and two medium ones.


I wanted them to all be different sizes, so I cut the bottom off of one of them with my electric knife.

Yup. I did.


That little electric knife was “going to town” but was having trouble cutting all the way through the candle.

So I had to get out the “big dog” and finish it up.


Oh….the crafty wisdom I share on this blog!

Okay. Maybe not the best method. But I got the result I wanted. I stuck them in the wooden fruit stand I made last week to see what they would look like.


The candles in my inspiration picture from the magazine had cute little ribbons hanging from them.

I tried several different ribbons, but couldn’t get the look I was after.

So a resorted to my old friend, Mr. Burlap.

I thought I took a picture of the next step, but I couldn’t find it.

I took my tan burlap and spray painted it black. I’ve never tried this before, so I was feeling rather brilliant for coming up with the idea.

I love burlap. I love black. I love black burlap!

Then I cut a strip of the burlap and wrapped it around my candles.


But it needed something more.

So I took the “Spare Parts” that I had left over from my Magnet Board tutorial, and added a little bling.



I think I like it better with the bling.


I am not totally blown away with the results, but I am blown away with how easy it was to do.

I started thinking about how cute it would be to wrap candles in a damask print or an animal print. There are so many different types of scrapbooking paper that you could find something to match the decor in any room in your house. You could embellish the candles with just about anything…monograms, jute string, ribbons, charms, etc.

Let me know if you try this and send me some pictures. I know you ladies will come up with some beautiful ideas!

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and more to come.

Have a blessed week!


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  1. What a fabulous idea! Spray painting burlap...oh my goodness gracious, I'm loving this!!!! The wheels are starting to turn, thanks for the beautiful inspiration. Blessings to you!

  2. Obviously I adore anything with script/calligraphy!!! I think you did a great have opened the door of possibilities! And the bling? cute!


  3. I think you may have started something with painting the burlap! I love how these turned out, especially in the wooden bowl!

  4. Thanks for putting my ad up! :-) Love using scrapbook paper for projects; I'm a scrapbooker so I always have some around! Too much, in fact!

  5. You are too much. Love it! Thanks for sharing the mess makes me feel "normal". Ha.

  6. Ooh I think they turned out awesome! I love the added bling!

  7. Very cool, love it, check out my latest post, and you will see some tapers covered in an oldbook page. Thanks for sharing! Sue

  8. I love the look of these. But I have to ask, you probably can't use the candles in the way they were meant to be made after wrapping them, right? As them?

  9. What a wonderful idea. I love how they turned out. Very pretty.

  10. These look so nice. I was just looking at some ugly candles on my table last night. Yippee! As for the knife, I thought you might enjoy my little craft wisdom. One day while hubby was at work, I decided that we needed recess shelves. I knocked out part of a wall but was having trouble getting a straight line. I had my little ones napping and just couln't bring myself to go to home depot to buy a new -whatever tool was needed-. I decided my kids pumpkin cutter looked a lot like a drywall saw so I used that. Hubby and his friend (the owner of a local drywall company) got a great laugh out of that. BTW, I got my shelves.

  11. Beautiful - I have two off white candles that need a little something...thanks for the inspiration!!

  12. Very pretty! I like them in your fruit stand and I love that package of "spare parts". I'll have to look for that at Michaels ~ makes for a nice finishing touch.

  13. I love me some candles! Good idea too! TFS

  14. We were on the same *candle makeover* track this weekend! I love what you did with your candles! ~Marcy @

  15. Beautiful! I just love a pretty candle display!

    Great job!

    Blessings, Grace

  16. Love this idea! Tahnks so much for sharing!

    bon @ Drab to Fab

  17. Very cute and super simple! I like the black burlap and the bling you added...great job!


  18. Those look so cool! My only question, are they burnable?

  19. They turned out great! I love these!

  20. I have a lot of those projects that don't turn out the way I planned, so they are sitting and waiting for tweaking & inspiration. Glad I'm not the only one! Anyway, the candles are so pretty. Nice job!

  21. I think they look great! The painted burlap...pure genius. And the added bling= perfect finishing touch. Great project:)

  22. Great, Traci! I posted last week about mod-podging toile napkins onto candles. I first saw the ideas at Manuela's blog, The Pleasures of Homemaking, several weeks ago--I've never seen it in a magazine. Isn't it amazing how easy it is and how great it looks? :) My napkins are short, so I didn't add any trim or bling--but I like yours! And your painted burlap looks wonderful.

    Have a great week!

  23. Hi Traci--Me again to say that Manuela actually mod-podged paper onto taper candles. And they looked beautiful!

    So many things to craft, so little time. . . .

  24. As always you have given me another great idea for a project. Now I just need to find the perfect scrapbook paper... and possibly my electric knife. :)

  25. I don't think I would have ever thought to cut my candles. Great idea! And they look so nice in your new fruit bowl!

  26. The bling was a nice finishing touch. I'm partial to calligraphy, so you had me there too!

    I hope you'll swing by AtticMag to tour my home.

  27. Excellent gift idea! I also think that would be so cute to do for a wedding unity candle! Well done!

  28. They look great! I agree with the little bling...all women need their jewelry.

  29. Love it, this is awesome GF! Your sis is right, you are the crafty one! :)

  30. There are so many ways to go about customizing these, love it!

  31. i love how they turned out. I tried making one and I hated the look.

  32. This is a great idea. I can just imagine all of the possibilities. The wheels are turning and I can think of a couple things I would like to tray. I love the tray you made also.


  33. Pretty! I love how you kept adding more accessories to get the perfect look. : )

  34. These are gorgeous - I've altered candles before but I had never considered an overall print! You are right, damask would be GORGEOUS!! :) I can't remember if I thanked you already for stopping by my blog, so THANK YOU! :) I'm loving all of the cute projects you've posted!


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