Friday, February 5, 2010

Winner of the Just Simply Southern Giveaway….

This announcement comes straight from the heart of Nashville, at the Blissdom Conference!!!

I wanted to get Harry Connick, Jr. to make this announcement, but I couldn’t find him!  I’ll keep looking….


We had 249 entries in this giveaway, and I used the Random Number Generator to get the winner.


Congratulations to #246, Jennifer,

from All things Pink and Crafty!!!!!


Here are her entries…

jennifer said...

Hey! I would definitely go with something pink! Maybe with a little brown... :)

jennifer said...

Hey again! I just became a follower. I love her stuff!!!

jennifer said...

I posted about your fab giveaway on my blog!

She had 8 total entries, and was the last one to enter.  Sometimes it pays to be last!

I will be contacting you, Jennifer, when I get home from Blissdom!

I’ll be posting some Blissdom pictures on my Facebook page tonight.  You can find it in my sidebar.



  1. Harry is probably in Miami ready to cheer the Saints on to victory!

  2. Aw, I'm trying not to be totally jealous of all you Blissdom beauties but it's not working! Have a great time at the concert tonight!

  3. You lucky girl you --getting to go to Blissdom.

    Can't wait to hear all about it.

    Congrats to the winner and I have a give-a-way too.

  4. OH my goodness, Traci! I can't believe I won! YAY! Thanks so much! My sister in law, Tara, called to tell me... she saw before I did! Have an absolute blast at Blissdom! Thanks again!

  5. You've won a blog award!

    Please, stop by my blog to pick it up.

    Have a great week! - Angie

  6. Hi Tracy. I hope you had a wonderful time. Love Harry Connick Jr. Congratulations to Jennifer.

    And for you sweetie, I posted something special but have been sick and this is the first chance I've had to let you know about it. You can see it here:

    Hugs....Tracy :)


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